on modern servitude
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“That which isn’t given is lost”
Indian proverb

    The dissemination of this film is purposely independent of all Mass Media and has no commercial ends. It relies on the good will of brothers-in-arms to guarantee it be widely broadcast. You are thus totally free to organize a projection of this film under your own conditions. However, there is one caveat, the dissemination or broadcast of this film must be totally free of charge.
    We would appreciate an e-mail indicating the date, place and time of the broadcast in order to publish this information on our site. If you desire our participation, you can also contact us by e-mail.
    It is understood that all organizations of a nationalist, racist or anti-Semitic nature will never have our consent to appropriate this film under any circumstance. Obviously, they rank first on our list of enemies.

Jean-Franšois Brient et Victor Leˇn Fuentes

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